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Ship passenger rights

Ship passenger rights

Equal rights are provided to passengers travelling on sea and inland waterways, including disabled people and people with reduced mobility, regardless of where in the EU they are travelling. These rights, including the right to be informed or the right to compensation in the event of a delay or cancellation, complement similar rights of passengers using air, railway, and bus transportation.

Passengers who travel on sea, rivers, lakes, or canals on large ferries and cruise ships in the EU shall have the following rights:

Suitable and available information

Carriers shall provide suitable information concerning travel arrangements for all passengers prior to and during their journey as well as general information on their rights at terminals and on ships.

Rights in the event of a cancellation or delay

If a ship is experiencing a delay or if a voyage has been cancelled, passengers shall have a right to receive suitable information in a timely manner while they are waiting.
If a voyage has been cancelled or the delay lasts longer than 90 minutes, passengers shall have a choice:
• a refund of the ticket price and, if necessary, free transportation back to their original starting point of the voyage (e.g. if passengers are unable to fulfill the purpose of their journey due to the delay),
• transportation under similar conditions to the planned destination of their journey, at the first opportunity and without additional costs.

If a delay is longer than 90 minutes upon departure, passengers are usually also entitled to food and beverages (depending on waiting time) and accommodation up to three nights, if necessary, for which costs of up to €80 per night shall be covered. If a delay is longer than one hour upon arrival at the final destination, passengers shall also be entitled to compensation amounting to 25% or 50% of the ticket price, depending on the length of the delay and the duration of the voyage. Passengers shall not be entitled to compensation if a delay is the result of extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Non-discriminatory treatment

Non-discriminatory treatment and special free assistance for disabled people and people with reduced mobility shall be provided at port terminals and on ships as well as financial compensation for the loss or damage to mobility equipment.

Accidents at sea

In the event of death, physical injuries and loss or damage to luggage, vehicles, mobility equipment, or other special equipment, passengers shall be entitled to compensation.
In the event of injury or death, resulting from a ship accident, carriers shall pay an advance payment within 15 days that will cover the most urgent needs, proportionate to the damage caused.
With regard to persons with reduced mobility, the compensation paid by the carrier for the loss or damage to wheelchairs or other disability equipment shall cover the total amount of repair or new purchase.

If the luggage of passengers has been lost or damaged during transportation, passengers shall inform the carrier in writing. It is best to do this before passengers leave the ship or when their luggage is delivered to them. If passengers fail to inform the carrier within 15 days after disembarking or after the delivery of the luggage, they shall lose their right to compensation.
All claims related to the death of a passenger or a physical injury or the loss or damage to luggage shall fall under statute of limitation within two years.


If passengers deem that their rights have been violated, they may complain to the carrier or terminal manager within two months after the date of the event. The carrier shall respond to the complaint within one month and shall provide a final answer to passengers within two months after receiving the complaint.

If passengers are unhappy with the answer, they shall have the right to appeal to the competent national authority; in cases of violations of the contractual relationship between a carrier and a passenger, the competent authority shall be the Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 160, 1000 Ljubljana, Phone no.: 00386 (0)1/ 280-8700, e-mail: gp.tirs@gov.si. In the event of the violation of rights related to the provision of information on passenger rights or the offering of assistance to persons with reduced mobility, the competent authority to which passengers may file an appeal shall be the Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenian Maritime Administration, Ukmarjev trg 2, 6000 Koper, phone no.: +386 (0)5/ 6632 100, e-mail address: ursp.box@gov.si.

The provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 1177/2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea or inland waterways shall not apply to passengers:
• travelling on ships registered for the transportation of a maximum of 12 passengers,
• travelling on ships with a maximum of 3 crew members, with the distance of the entire voyage less than 500 m in one direction,
• on most historical ships,
• on trips and sightseeing voyages, except cruises.


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