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Passenger rights 

The right relating to the freedom of movement is one of the most important freedoms of the European Union citizens. The increase in mobility over the past decades has resulted in the need to form a set of rules at the European Union level which provide passengers with an equal level of rights protection in all the Member States of the European Union. Therefore, the European Union is the only area in the world where passenger rights are protected with minimal standards for all means of transport. The aim of the common set of principles, which apply everywhere, is that passengers are aware of their rights and that they also enforce these rights.

European Union data show that 59% of air passengers in the EU do not know what their rights are, 7% are not aware of these rights while 34% of air passengers know their rights. 66% of European Union citizens are not aware of their contractual rights when it comes to purchasing air tickets while 34% European Union citizens know what their rights are.

The main air passenger rights are the right to information, assistance and compensation if the flight is cancelled or delayed. If you are not fully informed of your passenger rights, you can find here answers on passenger rights when travelling by air, train, waterborne transport or by bus and coach.

Have you ever had to pay more than the original price quoted to book a flight, hotel, or rent a car?
Report on the work of the European Consumer Centre Slovenia 2021

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About ECC-Net

In 2005 the European Commission established the European Consumer Centres Networkwith the aim of providing information to consumers about their rights within the internal market and providing free assistance for consumers facing problems in enforcing their rights.

The European Consumer Centres Network includes the centres operating in each Member State of the European Union and the centres in Norway, Iceland and United Kingdom. All the centres operate in line with the same rules and pursue the same objectives outlined by the European Commission programming documents.

The ECC-Net is a joint action of the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union in the field of providing information and support to consumers in enforcing their rights.


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